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New Asphalt Installation

  • Remove and replace is the best way to repair asphalt when it has become severely deteriorated and the base is defective. This requires removing the old asphalt and installing a newly graded sub-base. Then finally Hot Mix Asphalt is machine installed and compacted with a vibratory machine.

Resurface Existing Asphalt

  • The asphalt structure’s base holds the key to whether resurfacing is possible. As long as the base is stable and the drainage is sufficient, asphalt resurfacing can be an option. First, the asphalt surface is pre-leveled and filled for any low spots and potholes. Then SSI prime coat is applied for new asphalt adhesion. Finally, the new layer of asphalt is applied and compacted. Resurfacing is cost effective and can be an alternative to complete asphalt replacement.

Asphalt Sealcoating

  • Protect your asphalt investment and consider these advantages to sealing your pavement; Make your asphalt look brand new, keep your asphalt safe by resisting gas, oil, and chemicals, prolong the life of your asphalt and provide an attractive appearance to your asphalt parking lot or driveway.  By routinely seal coating your pavement or existing asphalt parking lot, you can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in repairs and resurfacing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to stay off my driveway/parking lot after seal-coating?
Please wait 24 hours until you walk or drive on it.
How often should should seal-coating be done?
Sealer manufacturers and asphalt contractors agree that most asphalt surfaces should be sealed every one to three years. Older asphalt surfaces may require more maintenance, especially if the asphalt has gone gray.  Graying indicates the surface is oxidizing and losing the binder that holds the aggregate in the asphalt.
What is asphalt resurfacing?
Resurfacing is adding an additional  2” of asphalt over the existing asphalt surface.  This is more affordable than removing and replacing the entire driveway, and will result in the same appearance.  However, any existing cracks will work their way through to the new surface in approximately one to three years, and the cap itself can be expected to last approximately seven to ten years.


When it comes to seal-coating we only use Gem Seals BLACK DIAMOND XL. It is a polymer-modified sealant offering “Xtra Long” durability, superior adhesion to the pavement, impressive cohesive strength, unsurpassed elasticity, and improved gas/oil resistance.   It is rated the gold standard choice for professional asphalt maintenance seal-coating. It is environmental friendly and It exceeds emulsion base performance by providing better coverage, greater durability and superior color stability.   Black Diamond XL is a high-performance alternative to asphalt emulsion (AE) and refined tar sealer. (AE) and coal tar is now BANNED in multible local cotuntys across the US. The two materials have been said to be harmful for the enviorment and have a carcingen nature.


Asphalt is porous and can be damaged by rain, ice, road salt, sunlight and chemicals such as oil and gasoline.  Consistently seal-coating your driveway with a heavy-duty protective seal helps extend the life of your asphalt by stopping the damaging effects of petroleum derivatives, the drying effect of the sun, oxidation, and water, and is a must for protecting your investment.  It’s also important to fill cracks to keep water out and prevent erosion of the paving base.


THE PROCESS We begin by power edging and power blowing any overgrown grass away from the asphalt, followed by priming oil spots if necessary.  Next, we fill any cracks.  If no other repairs are necessary, we finish by brush apply one coat of commercial grade sealer. Our crews of trained professionals provide high-quality service while treating the owners property with care and respect.


“Richard the owner, did a great job on my driveway I’m pleased with the overall service Richard was honest and professional. I will continue to use this company. ” Dan. W Brighton, MI

“We love the look of our new driveway, we needed it to be wider for more parking space, the new addition Asphalt Doctor created has made a great difference and completed the look of our home.” Tony. P Milford MI.

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